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Library Services for Off Campus Students

The dedicated off campus web pages have information on all the services we offer you.

Videos, Tutorials & Guides

Library staff make videos, online tutorials, guides you can download as well as offering online library support.

Library Services for Staff at Partner Centres

If you're teaching on a University of Sunderland programme at a partner centre visit the Partner staff web pages.

We’ve made a couple of changes to how you log into Discover which we hope will make it easier for all our students, University staff and partner college staff.

From today, when you click on the Discover link on the Library Home Page you will be taken to Discover and see the following screen:


There are now two log-in links in the top right corner of the page, one for University staff and students and one for partner college tutors.

University staff and students should continue to use your University User ID and password to log in.

Partner College Tutors should use the Athens username and password you received after completing your application. If you are a partner tutor or member of library staff at a partner college and you do not have an Athens Account find out how you can obtain one at the library web pages.

Once you have logged in you will be able to search the for e-resources.

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