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JournalTOCs is a free collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs) and can be used by researchers, students, librarians and anyone else who is looking for the latest scholarly articles.

When you register (free) JournalTOCs will alert you when new issues of your followed journals are published.

There are now over 23,000 journals from over 2000 different publishers. Of those, over 6500 are open access journals..


We’ve made a couple of changes to how you log into Discover which we hope will make it easier for all our students, University staff and partner college staff.

From today, when you click on the Discover link on the Library Home Page you will be taken to Discover and see the following screen:


There are now two log-in links in the top right corner of the page, one for University staff and students and one for partner college tutors.

University staff and students should continue to use your University User ID and password to log in.

Partner College Tutors should use the Athens username and password you received after completing your application. If you are a partner tutor or member of library staff at a partner college and you do not have an Athens Account find out how you can obtain one at the library web pages.

Once you have logged in you will be able to search the for e-resources.


Students on tourism programmes have access to journals such as Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management and Tourist Studies, to name but a few.

These journals and many others are available through DISCOVER. You can either search directly for journal titles in the A-Z list as illustrated below or you can do a keyword search for articles.


When you search the A-Z list for Tourism journals you’ll notice Discover also finds quite a few that are on the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). This means that you can read them online without having to log-in.


Access Discover through the Library Web Page.

Tourist Home
By Jon Matthies

We’re starting a series of blog posts over the next few weeks which will shine the spotlight on some of our e-resources maybe a particular title or perhaps a useful database. Today we’re starting with a great resource for our art students.


The Graphic Designers among you will be very interested in Eye which is a

graphic design journal, published quarterly for professional designers, students and anyone interested in critical, informed writing about design and visual culture”.

Eye is available in full text through DISCOVER (2007-present). All you need is your University User ID & password.

Some articles are available to read on their website too (but sometimes they just have extracts). A great article I like is related to one of my favourite bands…

The New, Weird America
Eric Heiman
Summer 2008 (issue 68)

Michael Stipe’s early R.E.M. sleeves were a strange fusion of the DIY spirit of punk and the mystery of America’s Deep South.

You can also read the Eye blog or find them on Facebook.

The design above is:
747 - Pool Party - Desktop Pattern
by Patrick Hoesly

As I posted on Monday, it is Global Entrepreneurship Week and a good opportunity to link you to some of our e-resources for those among you studying or writing assignments about entrepreneurship.

We’ve already highlighted some e-books, but what about journals and other online information:

A quick Search on the Discover A-Z tells me that we have quite a few journals about entrepreneurship…

For example:

International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research (1995 to Present)

Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship (2000-present)

keyword search resultsYou could also do a keyword search for articles about entrepreneurship which when limited to full text produced 641,798 results.

Because there are so many results, you would need to use the limiters within Discover to refine your search.


If you are looking for information on businesses such as how they are performing, how successful their marketing campaigns are etc. you’ll often find useful information in newspapers.

University Library Services subscribe to UK based newspapers within the database Lexis Library.

You can use databases such as Euroromonitor and Keynote to look for Market reports and company information.

Euromonitor GMID (Global Market Information Database) provides key business and market intelligence on consumers, markets, companies and countries. These include market reports, statistics, company profile and shares, information sources, spreadsheets, charts, lifestyle indicators, lifestyles analysis, country profiles, performance indicators and market analysis.

Keynote provides individual UK market reports. The database contains are range of consumer, financial, industrial and lifestyles titles including KeyNote Market Reviews which concentrate on the entire industry and are designed to inform on developments and opportunities; and  KeyNote Market Assessments which are premium reports which examine the scope, dynamics and shape of key UK and European markets, with particular focus on financial services, consumer and lifestyle sectors.

Euromonitor (GMID) and Keynote are available through Discover.

A great post by the Business Librarian:

OK, today’s recommendation for Open Access business & tourism research and information is the Business and Management Review (BMR).

Business and Management Review (BMR) is an international open-access and online journal that is published monthly. It invites research papers from all over the world from people having different research and academic backgrounds. It is interested in publishing rigorous research papers that provides sound theoretical and clear insights with future practical and actionable implications for the well being of stakeholders of the society as a whole.

Business and Management Review (BMR) aimsto publish research articles, cases and book reviews related to business and management field that can aid academics and researchers from all over the world to better understand the recent developments in shape of new management and business theories and the extension of the existing published work.

The topics may include a wide range of research areas in Business and Management like Business Theories, Contemporary Research in Business, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Finance, Corporate Governance, Investment, Insurance, Risk Management, Project Management, Financial Reporting,

Business & Management Review

Accounting, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Advertising, Sales Management, Consumer Behavior, Human Resource Management, Total Quality Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Business Research Methods, Supply Chain Management, Engineering Management and any other area that can fall under the scope of Business and Management discipline.

Business and Management Review (BMR) is also available to search via the Directory of Open Access Journals which I blogged about here.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

The Directory of Open Access Journals enables you to browse and search many full text scholarly journals, and read the articles in full text. The journals are from all different subjects:

The Directory aims to be comprehensive and cover all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use a quality control system to guarantee the content. In short a one stop shop for users to Open Access Journals

We’ve included the Directory of Open Access Journals as one of the collections within DISCOVER alongside all our other resources, so you can easily access open access articles when you’re searching for information for your assignments.

You can find the DOAJ in the Discover A-Z list of resources:

If you use Journal Search to save alerts or searches we recommend that you log in and record them elsewhere until Discover is launched as anything you have saved will not be transferred over.


Exciting development for University Library Services at the University of Sunderland:

At the end of July we will be launching Discover as a replacement for Journal Search.  This is a key service enhancement for the new academic year, facilitating searching and linking of all of our current resources.  The current Athens authentication system will cease to exist.

If you are engaged in or planning any research during July please be reassured that all of our online resources will remain available during this time but it may be advisable to plan any literature searching before or after the first week in August when our cross-searching capability will be unavailable due to the transition to the new system.

* this is not the official Discover logo ;) but an opportunity for me to use tagxedo to make ‘Discover’ into an elephant.

SAGE Press is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Index on Censorship by opening up their Archives.

Definitely worth a look while its free. Check out the Editors Top Ten articles

University of Sunderland students can also access the Index on Censorship using Journal Search - our subscription starts from issue 28, 1999.