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We’ve recently pulled some usage information on e-books within our collections and interestingly 6 of the top ten most popular e-books are education books and 4 are business related books.

It’s great to know that education and business students are finding useful e-books. Our  librarians have worked with your lecturers to ensure there are relevant e-books available.

Here are the top 5 most used e-books. To view them click on the book covers to view the Library Catalogue record and log in with your University User ID and password.

Internet marketing: a practical approach by Alan Charlesworth


How to be a brilliant trainee teacher by Trevor Wright


Understanding effective learning: strategies for the classroom by Des Hewitt


A guide to teaching practice by Louis Cohen


The theory and practice of teaching by Peter Jarvis

Library staff have returned from our much appreciated holiday and are catching up with everything, so if you’ve emailed us over the vacation period we will reply to you today.

Image from Flickr:

Click on the cover to see the books record on the Library catalogue:




Welcome to all our new distance learners, and hello to those who have been studying with us for a while.

We’ve been working hard over the summer to update our library support for distance learners. So throughout the next couple of weeks we’ll be highlighting a few of our great services to give you a flying start.

We can’t wait to hear from you so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got any questions or comments.


There are even more reasons to use e-books now with new features from Dawsonera. The main change I want to point out is the new look e-reader, but first a quick word on what you’ll see if you search within the Dawsonera site:

There are Enhanced Search Results that allow you to refine and it is easier to tell which content is within Sunderland subscriptions (there is a green padlock symbol which denotes this (a purple padlock means that the title is  not within our subscription).

Now onto the new online e-reader. It seems a bit more intuitive, with improved navigation using side arrows, and the search and notes features in their own tabs beside the contents menu.

The print and copy buttons have moved to the top right of the e-reader and when you hover over them it indicates how much more you can print or copy (remember this is restricted due to copyright).

Don’t forget, we recommend that you start your search for e-books on the Library Catalogue.

The great thing about using the Library Catalogue is it too enables you to search across all of our providers at once,  easily refine your searches and receive results that you can be sure are within our subscription.

If you’ve had a chance to use the new Dawsonera interface, let us know what you think, and if you have any questions about how to use the new features get in touch with us.

The Off Campus Library Team answer your emails, responds to postal loan requests and much more. Meet them by watching this new video..

In the May 2013 issue of the Off Campus Newsletter you can learn about the changes to the Discover log-in and Sconul Access application process or find out how you can get one-to-one online support and help finding information for your assignments. We’re also shining the spotlight on e-books and highlighting some of the reasons why they can be useful to you.

Just click on the Expand link below to read the newsletter and get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

If you don’t see the newsletter below it is because you need to download Flash.

You can also download the Newsletter as a pdf. on the Library Web Pages.

SURE is the University of Sunderland’s Institutional Repository. Papers and other publications by our staff are added, in many cases the full text is available.

When full text isn’t available students and staff at Sunderland can check to see if the full text is available within our subscriptions using Discover.

Visit the SURE Blog to find out what research has been added recently.


Library Staff are back after our Easter Bank Holidays so if you sent us an email during this time we’ll be getting back to you today.

Egg image from Flickr user Dystopos

Our systems team who look after the Library Catalogue have added some great features recently which we hope will help you find the books you need.


When you find a book on the Library Catalogue there will usually be a summary which may help you determine whether it will be useful to you.


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You will also spot a ‘More Like This’ link which suggests other similar titles to you: